Thursday, July 23, 2009

Details, Details, Details!

Oh my gosh! You guys like it! You really, really LIKE it!!! Ok, I'm not usually an all "bring on the compliments and keep 'em coming" kinda girl. But I worked so hard on this kitchen that I have to admit reading you comments has me giddy.

Ok, enough about me :). On to the details! I know there are a lot of tutorials out there on painting cabinets (where do you think I learned!?) so I won't go into that...unless you want me to, then totally!

To be honest, I used to H.A.T.E. white kitchens. Seriously. Whenever I saw white cabinets I would wonder if the people didn't have a choice. Then I took up reading decorating blogs and was bombarded (you know what I'm talking about!) with images of white kitchens and I FELL IN LOVE. So every morning I'd come down stairs and cringe at my dark cabinets, cursing them for being so blah. I know it wasn't their fault. After all, I PICKED them just 2.5 short years ago. But it was time for change. So after a month of trying to convince the Mr. and showing him ENDLESS pictures of gorgeous white kitchens he finally gave the green light.

First thing on the agenda, choose a paint color. I didn't want bright white so I went with Bear's Powdered Snow. Now that it's done I honestly think I could've stood to go even a little creamier but I'm happy.

Then came the little details because it's ALL about the details.

I put beadboard on the sides on the cabinets to make them look more finished.

I thought it would add some architechtural intrest to add height to one of the cabinets. The one over the microwave seemed to make the most sense. And I was right. This is one of my favorite parts! No more straight line. It looks grander, if just a little, don't ya think?

Then we added the crown...

My $25 Kohler sink and $100 super fabulous faucet...

My totally redone island (details of which I'm saving for a DIY partay!)...

Then there was the little detail of cutting out two of the door panels and replacing them with glass. This did force me to paint the inside of the cabinets which was kind of a drag but I threw some beadboard in there and whalla!

And mayhaps my very favorite detail...the little "feet" on the bottom of each cabinet. I painted the toe kicks a dark color to kinda "hide" them. I luuurve this!!! I don't know how I ever lived without these before. I feel like these little "feet" take the cabinets from "eh" to totally charming.

Thanks so much again for stopping by and leaving me those super awesome comments!!! They're totally encouraging and mean a TON.

Next up, pics and details from my "brand new" living room!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I *Heart* My Kitchen (NOW!)


*Edited to include the Metamorphosis Monday button!

Ok, so I know I owe this little 'ol blog quite a few updates. And they're coming. Soon. But I HAVE to jump this one straight to the top of that list.

About two months ago, I found this girl. She's awesome. I'm a little embarrassed to say I have a total blog crush. The day I found her blog I literally spent HOURS looking through the entire thing. I mean, clearly she has great taste. But it wasn't even just that that had me. It's the ridiculous fact that she does all of this stuff herself. Her. SELF! That night my brain started twirling with idea after idea for this little house of ours. All of the things I had always loved but thought I could never afford suddenly became possible.

So I did it. I headed out and bought myself a miterbox and saw. Uh, helllllo, I had never even used a saw before. Ever. And what I did with it ended up being a living room I never thought I'd have. And yes, that would be the perfect opening for a post full of pictures of said living room. BUT after finishing said living room, I apparently earned some street cred from the man of the house and wouldn't ya know it he agreed to let me move on to the kitchen and paint our cabinets! Holler! I jumped right on that and, after psyching myself out a few times, with bated breath, I took the plunge.

And here's what happened:


and After...

Details to come!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009