Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chit Chattin' with Ana

After I put gas in my truck...

Ana: "Yay Mommy!  You did it!!  Great job!  Go Mommy, go Mommy, it's your birthday!  Have a party!  Go Mommy!"

I of course dance as she sings this tribute to me :).

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

We're Doing it!!!

So I've been having this debate in my head for weeks now:  do I or do I not "document" Ana's potty adventures?  Yes, it's a HUGE deal that she's braving this brand new feat but when I think about what she'll think when, in 20 years, she's reading this I hesitate to write about it.  Do I really think she'll read about her potty training days and say "Oh, I'm really glad Mommy (cuz that's what's she'll still call me, you know) put all this down for the world to read!"  Or will her thoughts go more like "Are ya kidding me with this?!?!  Did she really think that I'd want anyone to be able to forever read about my Adventures in Pottyland?!?!"  My guess is it's the latter.

So ok, I won't go into detail.  But I will say this.  We're doing it.  We're really trying and she's doing awesome!  It's been 1 week and I'm letting her lead the way.  She's just so good and quick at everything she learns that I'm already planning the potty party!  So the next post on the subject will be a mere "She did it!"

What's new with Maddie, you ask?

She's as chunky as ever and I LOVE it.

She claps.

She waves "Hi", but not "Bye" :).

She does yoga.  Let me explain....she still has yet to master the traditional crawl but far be it for that to stop her from getting around.  So in lieu of crawling she picks herself up onto her hands and tip toes (just like downward facing dog) and leaps forward.  Doesn't look like the most comfortable but it gets her around.

She sometimes gets upset if I walk away from her.  Just sometimes.

She laughs at her sister.

She thinks me and Daddy are the funniest people around.

She hugs.

She gives big, open-mouth, sloppy kisses (when she feels like it).

She stands when she's holding on to something.

She sits herself up, rolls herself over, army crawls, or leaps to get to where she wants to be.                                            

She grabs the spoon and attempts to feed herself at each meal.

She feeds herself Cheerios.

She dances.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Little Things She Does

True, every baby does their share of adorable, just-wanna-pinch-your-cheeks kind of stuff. They all babble and smile those precious gummy smiles. But one thing I've found is that what makes them truly irresistible, spectacularly yummy, is the unique little things they develop on their own.

With Ana it was the way she would (and still does) tilt her head to the side when anyone asked her "who's so cute?". Oh, the utter cuteness. She started doing this at about 8 months so you can imagine the crowds she's pleased with this little trick over the years. And then came her complete amusement with feet - especially those feet that would wave to her. She would laugh without abandon if you talked to her with your feet. Hilarious.

So how lucky am I to witness as my precious little Madelyn begins to develop her own unique cuteness? She's already racked up a few "Maddie-isms" but there are two that especially throw her way off the cute-o-meter. She rocks. Most times when she's excited about something, sometimes for no reason at all. She just rocks. And she does it ferociously. If you've ever held her while she does it you know exactly what I'm talking about. And (drum roll please)..... she dances! Finally I have my little dancer! She shakes her entire little body and bops her head. What a sight! She started doing it when Anthony would put her down for a nap and sing to her and now she'll do it out of no where, with music or without, while she's on the floor or being held. I LOVE it.

I'll be honest and admit I have been trying to teach her Ana's "who's so cute?" thing just because it's so darn adorable, but I should've known that Miss Maddie is not to be outdone by her big sister. And Mommy, being the oh-so-better-prepared-second-time-around mommy, has once again managed to get my cutie in all her glory on video.


Monday, January 21, 2008

Ana, sweet Ana

Oh my Ana,

I feel the need to write you this letter because for almost two weeks now you've been breaking my heart.

Almost two weeks ago I left you for four days. An unexpected trip to the hospital led to a four-day stay and four long days away from you and your sister. If I had known when Daddy put you down for a nap that I wouldn't be here when you woke up, my baby, I would have let you know. I would have held you a little longer and kissed you a little more. I would have told you I loved you a few more times and explained to you when I'd be home again. But I didn't know, my angel, and I am so sorry for what you've been through.

We spend so much of our time together that I almost didn't recognize what time was like without you. Right at first glance I did not like it. Not. At. All. When Daddy told me that you were sad and kept saying "I miss my mommy" I knew exactly how you felt. When he said you would cry for me, I cried too.

Since I've been home you've had a such hard time going to bed at night and taking a nap during the day. It breaks my heart to think you could feel like I may not be here when you wake up. I hope that soon enough these few days will be forgotten and you won't remember a day when you woke to find me gone. I hope that you'll soon trust that I will be here when you wake up and go back to enjoying your naps and bedtime. And I hope that this feeling that I may ever leave you will vanish for good because, my sweet girl, I would never leave you. Not now. Not ever. You need to know that and I'm sorry if, even for one minute, you ever had to feel like I would.

Mommy ~ XOXO

P.s. Your sister, on the other hand, has been seemingly unphased :O).....

Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Year of Possibilities

As cliche as it may sound, New Year's really does bring with it a sense of new, a fresh start, a clean slate. Like most, I have thought of my share of resolutions. And like most, I'll probably break nearly all of them by month's end. So I've decided to make a list of hopes - a list of the possibilities I see in this new year.

I hope for superficial things like more cushion in the bank, a smaller waistline, and a beautiful deck for our backyard.

I hope to be a more patient mother to my girls and to take in the precious time God's granted me to be their mom.

I hope to be a more understanding wife to my hubby and for us both to grow as individuals and as a couple.

I hope to deepen relationships with my family and become a better sister, daughter, aunt, niece...

I hope to be a better friend and grow closer to all of my "shoes", both new and old.**

I hope to live a "greener" life, for the sake of our kids (and theirs, and theirs, and theirs).

I hope to never let "moments" pass us by.

I hope for all things good and true for us and all those we love so much!

Here's to a year of possibilities! Cheers!

**when I think of it I'll have to document my "friends=shoes" theory.