Monday, July 28, 2008

Chit Chatting with Ana...

As I'm working on something, I can vaguely hear Ana going on and on about something. And then I very clearly hear this...

Ana: "Mommy, don't n'nore me."
Me: "Don't what?"
Ana: "Don't n'nore me."
Me: "Don't ignore you?"
Ana: "Yeah, don't n'nore me."
Me: "I'm not."
Ana: "Yeah. I'm talking to you and you don't answer. You're n'noring me."

And that was my day's lesson in being polite :).

Friday, July 25, 2008

Dear Maddie...

OK, so you're 14 months already and this is technically supposed to be your 1st birthday letter but I can promise you it's been writing itself in my head for months - for the last 14 months actually. What's funny though is that I'm not really sure I know even where to start. So how about we just rewind almost 2 years...

The news of you came on September 8th, 2006. After a "feeling", I took a pregnancy test at home while Daddy was at work. Within seconds two little blue lines appeared. Unlike with your sister, I wasn't surprised. I wasn't in shock and I wasn't speechless. I knew before I had taken the test that you were inside of me. Somehow, I just knew.

At 7 months pregnant with you, I began getting regular contractions and, just to be safe, the doctor put me on bed rest. And I got scared. I got scared that you may come too early. I got scared that I had done something wrong to make this happen. And I got scared that anything could be wrong with you. I vowed to stay off my feet and put every once of effort into making sure you stayed put for as long as possible. Daddy was amazing. He would work all day and then come home and take care of Mommy and Ana. At 36 weeks the doctor took me off bed rest and said it was OK if you wanted to make your arrival at any day. And though I desperately wanted to meet you, I prayed everyday that you would stay put until your due date. I prayed because I knew it was what was best for you but I knew you would come when you were ready. And that you did.

You were born right on your due date after 6 short hours of labor and 3 big pushes. And you were a girl. And you were our baby. Your chubby little cheeks barely gave way to your beautiful eyes and your chunky legs resembled those of your sister's. I cried as I saw them carry you to the warmer and I cried when they finally placed you in my arms. I had waited 9 long months for you and there you were. Our beautiful Madelyn Grace. All 8 pounds and 10 ounces of you. The same 8 pounds and 10 ounces that were about to rock our world.

This last year with you, my sweet girl, has been both a blur and one long moment pressed into my memory. It went by too fast. I feel like I've missed so much. Yet I feel like you've been with me forever. From the start you have been a mommy's girl. The touch of my hand or the feel of my lips softly against your head was all that you required to soothe you for months. We spent all of our days together, so many of them with you in my arms. I watched you sleep and let you sleep in our bed more times than I can remember. You always loved to be held and absolutely loved to watch people. "Mama" was your first word at just 6 months I LOVED that. You spoke it loud and clear and you said it often. "Dada" came soon after and melted Daddy's heart each and every time he heard it.

You have been such a light in our life this last year, Maddie Girl. When you were an itty bitty baby you loved the song "You are my Sunshine". And our sunshine is exactly what you've been. You are that baby girl that they show in movies and commercials. You've always goo'd and ga-ga'd and giggled like a picture perfect baby. You make the cutest faces, have the most infectious laugh, and have the sweetest Maddie-isms we've ever had the joy of experiencing. Your mere presence makes everyone around you happy. In 14 short months you have learned how to make people feel loved. You. This tiny little baby. Have the ability to make me feel loved. You, sweetpea, are amazing.

I never wondered, when I was pregnant with you, whether or not I'd have room in my heart for you. I never wondered whether or not you'd fit into our world. But I could never have guessed how perfectly you would fit into our life. I couldn't have predicted how incredibly complete you would make our little family feel. You're our little rockstar, our cuddlebug, and our spitfire. You embrace everything with your whole little self and love every second of learning something new. When you're happy, your little body shows it from the squint in your eyes to that gummy little smile to your chubby tippy toes. And when you're upset, oh boy! When you're upset we know to watch out. As passionate as you are when you're happy is as passionate as you are when you're not. It can make things a little bit trying at times but I honestly love every ounce of you, the drama and all. I wouldn't change a bit of who you are, my sweet angel, because you are, in every sense of the word, perfection. And oh how I love you.

Happy 14 months, Madelyn Grace!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our Happy Girl

And her sister that loves making her laugh....

*it takes a minute for her to get going but once she does, forget it!

I LOVE this so much :).