Friday, August 22, 2008

Goin' Green...

I'm so excited! Months back as I was perusing this here web trying to inform myself on ways to "green up" our house I came across this great website, Green & Clean Mom. What I love so much about it is that Sommer, the founder, has a very nonjudgemental, easy way about it. She knows there is a slew of moms, like me, that want to make a difference in the environment and do whats best for their kids short of shoving them into a Prius. So I became a member last week and Kirstin mentioned that they were looking for contributers to do weekly posts on their community forum. Um, sign me up! So she did. And now I'm contributing to the site every Friday. And no, I'm not pretending to be an expert on anything. I'm just blogging about life as a mama that's trying to green things up without getting overwhelmed. So if you want to check out my green blog just go here...every Friday. Don't forget. And leave me a comment so people will think you like me :).

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I sat the girls in front of the TV just to get a moment of peace. Not that they never watch TV but I've never purposely put them there to get a break from them. To have some quiet. Without having something to get done. Yep, no Mom of the Year award for me today. Sigh....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Talk away, Baby

I realized after I published the last post that I forgot to give Maddie credit for a few words. Among the ones I mentioned, she also says agua, duck, Daddy, Mommy, Mama, and Dada. And today she added cookie and baby to that list.

I am so looking forward to hearing her talk, really talk. I daydream of, months from now, hearing her and Ana have actual conversations with each other. I'm so looking forward to it but cherishing this Maddie language she has now because, before long, I'll be missing it so much. I can hardly remember what Ana sounded like just a short 18 months ago. I miss her baby voice and words only I could understand. But, I'll tell ya what, I wouldn't trade anything for the conversations, opinions, and Ana-isms I get to hear now. what I'm looking forward to with Miss Maddie.

Monday, August 11, 2008


It has been forever since I've sat down and written anything. I finally got around to finishing Maddie's birthday letter (that I started weeks ago, months after her birthday still). I feel like there's been so much going on these last few months that to actually catch things up on here would take days in itself. So I guess, for my own sanity's sake I'll just try to list some highlights.

Maddie -

She started walking a week before she turned 13 months. She still wobbles a bit and pretty much looks like she's been at a really great party for 3 drinks too many, but when she is up and about she's quick. Check her out :)

She's talking. Says words like dog, cow, down, spoon, uh-oh, wow, buh-bye, hey, yeah, hi-ya!, nana, ana, tickle, and toes. To name a few :). And her first two-word sentence is "that way!", as in , "where's your bear, Maddie?" "that way!"

She recognizes everything. "Where's the cow?" "Time to clean up." "Where's your belly?" "Where are your toes?" "So you want to take a nap" (to which she shakes her head 'no'. haha.). She understands and answers in her way.

She's picked up a handful of animal sounds and will make them when you ask her what certain animals say. Her very favorite is the ducks "quack, quack" but she knows the cat, dog, lion, and, bear.

Ana -

She might be starting pre-school this fall. Might be.

She has turned that little girl in her into a big girl with BIG drama. Everything's a big deal some days.

She loves taking care of Maddie and making her happy when she cries.

She comes up with phrases that crack. me. up. Whether she's heard someone else say them or they're complete "Ana originals", coming out of her little mouth, they take on a delivery of their own. Today she told me "Mommy, I'm sick and tired. I'm sick and tired of this." Um, okaaaay.

She's had a really hard time with Daddy working so much. Never one to demonstrate separation anxiety, she's gone through a phase of getting upset whenever he has to leave (for work, to the store, to the bathroom). It breaks our heart but it's getting better.

She loves to help clean, do laundry, shop, and do the dishes.

She went to the dentist for the first time. No cavaties and some reassurance that her crooked little teeth should end up just fine so long as she keeps that thumb out of there. Here's to hoping!

She's learning her past presidents. We got George Washington and Thomas Jefferson down :)!

Us -

Too much to get into right now. Things have been rougher than I'd like and life may be about to completely change for us but that's still to be determined. I'll get into it later since I'm giving this whole blogging thing a renewed commitment. Again, here's to hoping!!!

Until next time...