Sunday, June 27, 2010


It's so easy to get wrapped up in the "wrong" and the "if onlys".

I don't think I do very often but surely it happens.

Funny though how much easier it is to look at all the rest, all of the "right".

A husband that has adored me, a home we have created, a spunky 3 year old and an ahead of her years 4 year old. A husband that thanks me for the life I've given him. A 3 year old that dances around singing "I LOVE being a princess" and a 4 year old that has said to me that she's the happiest girl ever.

A sink full of dirty dishes that tell me we have eaten. A messy playroom that tells the stories of two brown-eyed little girls. A car that's beginning to rust from all the trips it's taken. And a face that's beginning to wrinkle so deeply around the mouth from all of the smiles it has shown.

It's perfection.

My perfection.

And I don't ever want to look away.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Oh boy....I swear I think of writing here *almost* every. single. day.

There's so much; so much new with the girls, the house, the life.

And I thinking about maybe changing things up a bit.

I don't know.

I'd like to promise I'll be back soon but that surely secures my failure.

So maybe I'll be back. Maybe not.

And maybe in the time it took me to write this I could've written and actual post.