Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Let the Sunsine In!!!

I don't know if it's this great weather or what but I have had SUCH a better week than last!!!

My mom decided to take Ana for the entire weekend and I can't even say how much both of us (Ana and I) needed that break. My poor little girl was going insane sitting in the house with only the occasional trip to the grocery store she got to take when Daddy would get home from work. From what I hear, she was out gallivanting all over the state! Well, pretty much a 40 mile radius but still :). Her nana and papa took her shopping and got her a some new clothes (thank you!) and she visited her uncle and even got to eat out a few times. Even if I had stayed at home doing absolutely nothing all weekend I still would've been happy knowing she had so much fun. BUT.....I didn't sit at home!!!

I had such a good weekend! On Friday my awesome friends Kristie, Marisa, Sharon, and Anne came over and brought with them a wonderful assortment of sinfully delicious junk food and it was soooo goooood! (Mmmm, my mouth is watering right now!) We had a good old fashioned girls' night in, complete with the ever-so-girly movie "Shag". If you haven't seen it, and you're a girl, you have no idea what you're missing. I love love love that movie. Makes me wish I was livin' in the 50's with nothing more to think about than that stud named Buzz I fell in love with after only 7 hours. Ahhh....to dream.

Then came Saturday...an Ana-free, plans-with-friends-free Saturday. No idea what we were going to do! I honestly don't remember the last time my hubby and I had an entire 24 hours to ourselves with absolutely no other commitments. It felt very strange, like we should be doing something spectacular, like flying off to Vegas or something, to celebrate. Sounds a little pathetic, huh? I guess the pathetic part, really, is what we actually did. We saw a movie and then did some much needed grocery shopping. Boy, am I living the life or what!?!?!? Well, in all honesty, I loved it. I had such a great day hanging out just me and my husband - my superdad/superhusband that has been doing such a great job taking care of his little family since I went on bed rest. I'm pretty sure all he was thinking about was his car (he was going racing the next day) but it didn't matter. I was happy to have him all to myself for a change.

Sunday morning I was off to get my little princess from my mom's house. I won't deny I enjoyed the break but by this morning I was over it. I was ready to have her back. I hadn't been away from her for this long since going to Key West last summer for Brian's wedding and man! did I miss her. I missed her smile, her laugh, her baby smell, and yes, I even missed her hair-raising tantrums. She didn't seem to reciprocate those feelings at first (as she walked right past me without so much as a "hi, mama") but she came around after a few forced hugs and kisses from her overbearing, sometimes-so-annoying mother. We spent the day with my mom, just us three girls, then it was time to head home to see Daddy.

The weekend came full-circle once my baby was back in my arms. The best part? That she's been nothing but cuddles and kisses since she's been home :).

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