Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Girls

Not too long ago I was browsing through my friend Angela's website and read about how, when she goes anywhere with her kids (2 and 6 months old) they always end up holding hands. Reading that made my heart melt. Maddie wasn't even born yet and I could only imagine what it would do to me to see my kids do that. Well, it happened. And let me tell you, there were tears.

As the girls and I were making our way to the store last week all I could hear as I drove was Ana going on and on talking to Maddie in her own little language. That in itself pulled at my heart. As I looked back to tell Ana how cute she is, there it was - my Ana had reached over and grabbed Maddie's hand and just sat there looking at her little sister. Sigh. My heart runeth over. It's amazing what the sight of two people you love so much loving each other can do to you. I've had a lot of moments in my life where I've felt blessed but that moment, that moment felt like the closest thing to Heaven. Never before had I really felt the meaning of the saying "Thank Heaven for little girls". Thank Heaven for my little girls.

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