Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Toughest Job

I have a confession.  

There are a lot of days that I feel like I'm ripping my husband off.  Days when I see him as the one that got the raw end of this deal - you know, the you-go-to-work-while-I-stay-home-to-raise-our-kids deal.  There are those days that, as the girls lie both asleep, I kick my feet up on the couch and catch up on some TV and emails or even (gasp!) nap.  On these very days I almost feel guilty that he's off workin' his little tail off driving around in a big ol' truck while I get to wake up as late as 8:30 sometimes, go to pajama breakfasts, and shop with my perfect little princesses.  I do.  I'll admit.  I feel like I definitely got the better end of this life.  And then there are all of those other days....

Days like yesterday.  Days that burst with seemingly endless toddler whines and too many poopy diapers to count.  I could write about my entire day but I'd really rather forget it.  In fact, I fully think I need to forget it to keep hope alive for tomorrow.  Instead though, I'll share the 2 tiny minutes that really summed it up.

7:05 pm - put Maddie to bed
7:05 and 2 seconds - Maddie SCREAMS like someone just told her there would be no more milk....EVER.
7:05 and 10 seconds - I rush t0 Ana who incidentally happens to be calling for me very LOUDLY.  
7:05 and 30 seconds - I try to quiet Ana all the while still listening to Maddie's cries.
7:06 - Maddie's still crying.  I manage to quickly put Ana's pajamas on and put her to bed so I can get back to Maddie.
7:06 and 30 seconds - Sigh.  Maddie's stopped crying.
7:07 - Walking toward her bed Ana trips, hits her head on the bed rail, lets out an enormous cry that seemed to last forever, and.....yep........Maddie begins to scream once again.  Two screaming babies.  At once.  On opposite sides of the house.

It's during these two very exciting minutes that I dreamt of sitting in an office working.  Heck, I could've dreamt of sitting behind the wheel of a truck for all I cared.  It's during days like this that I remember why they say that being a mom is the toughest job you will ever have.  So move over, my beloved truck driver, and save the complaints of your day for someone else because you've got nothing on me - at least not tonight you don't.

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