Sunday, December 21, 2008


We survived the week! It was jam-packed but I made it (and on VERY little sleep, mind you!). I'd love to write all about it but Christmas Eve is knockin' on my door and I have a couch full of projects that are calling to be done! I do have an entire list of stuff I want to write about so, to help keep me honest, I think I'll go ahead and list some of them.

  • Maddie's 18 month letter (yes, I KNOW she's almost 19 months!)
  • the great Christmas things we've done this past week
  • an update on the ol' fat tracker (sneak peek - this week was not great but it wasn't awful either)
  • a post inspired by something I read about marriage (deep, just wait)
  • a letter to another certain someone I'm seem to kinda fancy these days :)
  • some "Chit Chattin' with Ana" updates - there are SOOOO many!!!
So I'll do my best to write it all while it's still fresh but this week is going to be another doozy!!! Is that even the right word!?!? Anyhoo, with my mom's birthday, our annual girls' tamale night, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, my bff's birthday, and a Christmas celebration with Anthony's side of the family, and another celebrating my awesome friends I'm sure I'll totally get to it :).

Until soooon!

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Dana said...

well get on it! :) and cant wait to hear maddie talk, ive only heard her say DOWN which breaks my heart. :( hehehe