Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 3

Day 3 DONE!!!

And unlike the last 2 days, those exclamation points are not put there to emphasize the horrific pain. Dare I say I ACTUALLY THINK I MAY PERHAPS SLIGHTLY FEEL STRONGER?!?!?! Ooooh yeah. Watch yourself Jillian, I'm comin' out!

Aaaand, turns out I'm not alone. Seems a little trend has been started and 2 friends have already started with one (hopefully!) starting as I type. So I'm linking to this post of my Facebook in hopes of recruiting more. 30 Day Shredders UNITE!!! It's 30 days and, like Ania says, it's only 20 minutes. Sounds doable but with the help of some determined friends to keep my rear in check I now KNOW I will do it!

So won't you join us? Come on, Kristie! Only $14.98 at Target! So if we can make this a 30 Day team effort I think we should posts some stats! Starting weights maybe? "Before" pictures? Daily updates? Whatever! But I'm not posting jack until someone says they'll do it with me. If you wanna, just put it in the comments!

Ok! Let's do it to it, people!!!

Wow. I've never tried to start a movement before. Kinda liberating :).


Jennifer Milkeris said...

Ok, I am totally thinking about going and getting it tonight! I REALLY want to do good on this 5K.(still so bummed about my gallbladder taking me out for 8 weeks!) ANNNNNDDDD, you know me......I will totally tell my weight and take pix. ONLY if I actually lose weight and inches. So I guess what I am saying is.....I'm IN!

Ania said...

Reading your blog has got me SOO inspired. Thank you for being a great friend and a great inspiration!! I've started my blog, I'm righting my lists and I know that in 28 days we will feeling SOOO accomplished and looking SOOO HOT!! I'm not sure I'm ready to post before pictures yet but I will take them..I know that posting them would be the ultimate motivating factor!! I'm excited about blogging and capturing the everyday moments of mommyhood. Thanks mama!!

Anju said...

I am so sore today!! My thighs are killing me. I am not taking any pictures or my weight. I am just going to see if I can fit in my size 2 jeans which I was able to fit into 6mths back!!! I am sure we can all do this together!!!!

And, Massiel I still read your blog regularly and It always brings a smile on my face reading about your girls!!!

lil mama said...

Awesome girls! What do you think? Starting weight? I'll post today with how we'll track it so any suggestions are welcome!!!