Friday, September 10, 2010

Overwhelmed Much?

Full school schedule
Full homework schedule
Girls' dance class
Girls' preschool 3 days a week
Junior Women's Club at church
Volunteer cook for Daybreak
Sunday School
My two little ladies
One husband that works too much to do much around the house
A house to clean
4 mouths to feed
Grocery shopping to do
Friends to keep in touch with
Family to visit with
A best friend to miss :(...

What in the world have I gotten myself into...

Tomorrow's another day but today...well, today I am wondering how I'll do it all.


Dana said...

who is this best friend you speak of? :)
hmm now i dont think missing me takes up any time! hehehe. i didnt know you were blogging again. just came on here to get back on my own blogging wagon and figured id see if youd come back and here you are! miss you!

lil mama said...

miss YOU!!! :(