Friday, May 4, 2007

As simple as ABC....well, kind of

She did it! Ana has finally started to say her ABC's!!! (I know, I'm saying 'finally' like she's 5 years old :) ).

I've figured out how to get her to say new words...and letters. Ana loves, loves, loves saying "hi!" and "bye!" to everything she sees and everyone she knows. So this morning I thought I'd try a little experiment. Over breakfast I was going through the ABC's as I usually do only to have her respond to my "A" with an "O" or and "I". Then the lightbulb went off. "Hi, A!" I said. "Hi, A!" she said. "Hi, B", "Hi, B". And on we went all the way to E! That's my girl!

I'm so proud of her but I have to admit I will miss her little interpretation of the letter B (bzzzzz!).

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