Saturday, May 12, 2007

Thank God

Thank God for everything He's blessed me with.

Every now and then I get a stroke of emotion and sensitivity. Not that I'm not usually emotional or sensitive (just ask my friends ;)), especially with Baby in tow, but once in a while it hits me just how lucky I am - how lucky Anthony and I both are.

We were talking about Ana the other day and we came up with the perfect description for her. We've realized that she is God's reward to us for having done something so very right in our lives. Yes she's a blessing, and yes she's a miracle as all babies are, but "reward", for some reason, seems to hit it right on the head. You know how it feels to work so hard at something and try with everything you have to achieve a goal and then, once you do, to be rewarded for it? There's nothing sweeter than that. There's nothing sweeter than that piece of dessert you give in to after losing those 10 lbs. There's nothing sweeter than those awesome pair of shoes you let yourself spurlge on after budgeting for months. And there's nothing sweeter than living your life honestly trying to be the best person you can be to others despite the endless obstacles you've had to overcome and being rewarded with a perfect little person you get to call your little girl.

So thank You, God. Thank You for seeing us for what we've always tried so hard to be and rewarding us with her.

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