Sunday, June 3, 2007

Madelyn Grace Ullsmith

It's a girl!!! What a surprise - what an incredibly wonderful surprise. I didn't really have a strong feeling one way or another that this baby was a boy or a girl but hearing "it's a girl" after 95% of everyone else thought we were having a boy was definitely a surprise.

I had completely surrendered to the fact that I would likely be induced the Friday after my due date and had no plans on having this baby any sooner. At my 39 week checkup I hadn't progressed at all from the previous week and I had no "feeling" that labor had any intention on heading my way. I have to say I did feel pretty pooped in the days prior but come on, I was 39 1/2 weeks pregnant and carrying what felt like a 40lb baby - feeling "pooped" was hardly cause for alarm. So I went about my business making plans for Ana and I for that next week and looking very forward to enjoying a relaxing, uneventful holiday weekend. Ha.

Fast-forward to Sunday, May 27th. My Aunt Maria had a Memorial Day/Christina's birthday bbq so the 3 of us headed over there. My family has a long standing tradition of playing volleyball at each get-together so I, as always, wouldn't miss it. My mom and aunt thought I was crazy but I figured "hey, this baby's due tomorrow, yes, tomorrow, so what's the harm?" So I played, for all of 1 full game. It's rough playing with a baby in tow! Anyhow, the bbq was great and we said our goodbyes and wishful "hopefully the next time you see me will be with a baby!" comments around 8pm. We got home, put a very tired and cranky Ana to bed and decided to turn in early and watch some TV. About 9:30 as I sat in bed I felt a little gush of fluid and ran to the bathroom. I wasn't 100% sure but though maybe, just maybe my water was leaking. Not having been certain, I went back to bed and it happened again. This time I was a little more sure but not positive since I wasn't having any contractions. I went to bed again and fell asleep. At exactly midnight I woke up and it happened again. This time I knew. I called the hospital and the nurse said to come in even though I wasn't yet having any contractions. Almost the instant I hung up the phone the contractions began - and they didn't waste any time! They started at 3-5 minutes apart so we called Anthony's mom and waited for her to come stay with Ana. We took my last belly pic and by 1am we were out the door.

I have to say I was soooo excited that I was getting to experience what it felt like to go into labor. Although I had succumbed to the idea of an induction, it made me sad to think of missing out on this. I wanted to experience what they do in the movies - "honey, it's time!", rush out the door, husband trying frantically to get his wife to the hospital as she screams profanities at the top of her lungs. Ok, so it wasn't so dramatic, but it was still exciting for me. I did really well through the contractions, I thought. They were painful but bearable and I was totally fine in between them. In fact, so fine that I couldn't stop talking to my half-asleep, heartburn-ridden husband about how excited I was. Oh yeah, my husband. Let me tell ya, not the best listener at 1 in the morning. Sure he didn't feel good and sure he was probably nervous at the thought of not getting his laboring wife to the hospital in time but hey I wanted to talk and I wanted an audience!

So by the time we got to the hospital I was 5-6cm and my water had in fact broken - the latter which took a very uncomfortable test to prove. Let's just say I was in tears. Contractions were nothing next to that. Anywho, I was admitted and quickly called my mom and, of course, my bff's. Within the hour, my mom and Dave and Kristie were there with us. I made it all the way to 8cm without any drugs and then I had what felt like the mother of all contractions. It hurt like hell!!! At this point all I could think was "I haven't started pushing so I'm going to guess this isn't as bad as they get". Um, epidural please. I plowed through my feelings of disappointment in myself for not going natural and gave in to the drugs. Looking back, maybe I could've handled it. At the time, there's no way. By 5:30am I was almost complete and was told that I'd probably be able to push within the half-hour. Sure enough, just after 6:00 I began to push and at 6:12am and 4 strong pushes later (I pushed like a champ)......"it's a girl!" A big girl. 8lbs 10oz and 19 1/2 inches. Madelyn Grace Ullsmith was born. OH. MY. GOD.

Because Maddie's umbilical cord was pretty short, the nurse had to take her right away so the doctor wouldn't drop her. Because of that, it had to be a good 20 minutes before I really even got to see her. I did NOT like that at all. One of the best memories I have from when Ana was born was holding her on my chest only moments after taking her first breath and crying. I loved that moment. I can still feel that moment when I close my eyes. Yeah, yeah, I know it was for Madelyn's safety but still, I wish that could have been different. Instead of holding her and crying, I just laid there and cried all the same. By the time they brought her to me and I took a look at those chubby little cheeks, I was smitten. The truth is, I didn't even have to have looked at her to fall in love with her. She was my baby girl and I honestly couldn't have been happier. We now had 2 girls. Two incredibly beautiful, perfect girls. OH. MY. GOD.

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