Friday, April 4, 2008

100 Things About Me: Part 1

  1. Summer is my favorite season, by far.
  2. I'm in love with the names we chose for our girls, Ana Elizabeth and Madelyn Grace.  I think they're perfection.
  3. I'm incredibly insecure around people I don't know.  I never think they really like me.
  4. As hard as I try not to be, I can be judgmental.
  5. I love bad TV.
  6. I'm a wannabe - a wannabe photographer, artist, chic mama, interior designer, scrapbook queen, etc, etc.
  7. Since having kids I feel like I can't be 100% at anything.
  8. I love to sleep.
  9. I stay up way too late and always regret it in the morning.
  10. I'm married to my childhood love.
  11. I'm terribly afraid of dying.
  12. I'm even more afraid of losing someone I love to death.
  13. I overthink things.
  14. As much as I want to I'm not really positive I'll make it back to school.
  15. I NEVER saw myself as a stay-at-home mom.  Now I can't imagine not having done this.
  16. I always saw myself having two boys.  I have two girls.
  17. I worry daily about the things my girls will face when they get older.
  18. I always try to do the right thing, though I'm sometimes unsuccessful.
  19. I take things out on Anthony because he's my one sure thing.  I know whole-heartedly it's wrong but I still do it.
  20. I can have fun doing pretty much anything as long as I'm with someone I like.
  21. I have a really close friend that I know I can count on for anything but we've never even hung out in person.
  22. I wish we lived really close to all of our friends and family, like, on the same block close.  It's true.
  23. I can speak Spanish but pretend that I can't when someone speaks it to me.
  24. I miss my grandma.
  25. I make a mean stuffed shell.

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