Sunday, December 14, 2008

Countdown to Christmas: Days 8 - 13

Ok, busy week (hence the lack of updates!). But here's the wrap up:

Day 8: BIG Christmasy day! A Christmas party with all of our friends from my mom's group that included a visit from a jolly old fella. What did they think of him? See for yourself :)....

Then, we were lucky enough to be invited to Karmen & Alex's "Rockin' Christmas" show. We trekked through the snow and made our way to Oswego to see the girls' favorite cousins perform in their school's Christmas extravaganza! The show, followed by some pizza and a couple of over-tired babies amounted to some big fun for these two.

Day 9: Hot chocolate and "A Charlie Brown Christmas" under some blankets. Precious.

Days 10 -13: Christmas shopping, putting up some lights, and some Christmas movies. Quite frankly, these days blended together for me.

Back to the daily updates!

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