Monday, January 5, 2009

Goodbye, my friend...

Another year come and gone. 4 days into 2009 and I'm just now sitting down to look back on 2008. That's actually pretty symbolic of how my entire year went (a day late and a dollar short!) so it's only fitting that I wouldn't be on time with this either :). Late or not, I sit here ready to pay homage to a year of ups, downs, and straightaways. And though the year was filled with trials and tribulations there was still no shortage of blessings. So it is with gratitude that I present my "Best of 2008".

January - saying goodbye to my dear appendix. Though I never really needed you, it hurt like hell to let you go. But I survived so thank the Lord for that!

February - Miss Maddie finding her way and learning to crawl. NOT pure chaos like everyone had promised! And the birth of Maddan Trucking, LLC.

March - going from 2 diaper bills to just 1 :)! And the birth of little Jimmy.

April - surviving on basically no income while we waited for our business to take off.

May - our sweet Madelyn Grace turning 1! Thank you 2008 for helping us celebrate the birth of this precious girl.

June - developing friendships that would become such a big part of our world.

July - our 6 year wedding anniversary spent with the products of our love. The growth of our business. It felt like an eternity waiting for some security but it was finally here - if only for a few months. And the addition of Baby Wyatt to our growing family.

August - a healthy homecoming for Baby Wyatt and the 2nd annual Wisconsin family getaway.

September - the anniversary of one of the greatest days in our life. Our Ana turns 3!

October - Maddie's first trick-or-treating experience. She loved it! And two pretty cute costumes - Ana a slurpie and Maddie our popcorn.

November - getting to spend Thanksgiving with our family and having countless blessing to be grateful for.

December - a month full of blessings. Too many celebrations to keep track of. A house almost constantly full and a Christmas to remember with two very special little girls.

For all of this and everything in between - the friendships deepened, relationships strengthened, family blessings, a hardworking husband, and two of the most perfect little girls ever created - I thank you, my friend. You've put us through a lot but never failed to shower us with love. So here's to you, 2008! For so many things you will surely be missed!

Happy New Year everyone!!!!

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