Monday, January 5, 2009

A New Year of Possibilities (and a look back at last year's!)

I guess with 2008 behind us and a new year already underway this would be a perfect time to look back at my last year's hopes and see how I did....

  • I hope for superficial things like more cushion in the bank, a smaller waistline, and a beautiful deck for our backyard. - well, the cushion came and went along with the smaller waistline but we do have a beautiful new patio!
  • I hope to be a more patient mother to my girls and to take in the precious time God's granted me to be their mom. - I don't know that I'll ever be as patient as I hope to be but I can definitely say that I've enjoyed every second of the year with my babies.
  • I hope to be a more understanding wife to my hubby and for us both to grow as individuals and as a couple. - this one's tough. We had a terribly hard year that took a toll on our relationship.
  • I hope to deepen relationships with my family and become a better sister, daughter, aunt, niece... - this one I feel. Though there is no perfect relationship, they have definitely gotten stronger.
  • I hope to be a better friend and grow closer to all of my "shoes", both new and old. - though I can't really claim to have been such a better friend, one way or another I love all of my "shoes" a year's worth more.
  • I hope to live a "greener" life, for the sake of our kids (and theirs, and theirs, and theirs). - probably my biggest success of the year.
  • I hope to never let "moments" pass us by. - wrapped up in a year of too many ups and downs to count, I'm amazed at how much I was still able to catch.
  • I hope for all things good and true for us and all those we love so much! - unfortunately it was a tough year for far too many but my hope never waned!
So that's that, and another year is here. And with this new year comes a whole new list of hopes and possibilities, some of the same, some new...

This year, for the things that matter most, I hope:
  • to put my husband first, even above my children because it's in the best interest of said children. I firmly believe this and have to make it happen.
  • to get myself into shape, not for the superficialness of a smaller jeans' size but for my health and for the lifestyle I wish to teach my girls.
  • to become more organized with our money to better prepare us for financial hardships.
  • to manage my time better and learn to say "no" so I can enjoy the moments that really matter.
  • to take more time for myself so I can remember why my family and friends love me.
  • to outwardly cherish my sweet friends. I feel it but I need to show it more because they are SO MUCH of what makes my life so wonderful.
  • to get in better touch with my faith and learn how to better serve the God that has been so good to me.
And for the things that just add that little something to this life I love, I hope:
  • to act on the thoughtfulness I have. I have the BEST intentions but can't seem to find the time to see them through.
  • to have the time to do what I love - anything crafty - not for a party or for someone else but for ME and the preservation of my girls' childhood.
  • to dress cuter, look more put together, and wear more jewelry :).
  • be better about sending out thank you cards because I really am so grateful.
Here's to another year of hope and possibilities!

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