Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Updates, Updates, Hooray!!

Ok, so I'm not really updating JUST yet but this is the prelude to the updates ;).

'Member my Shred? I never finished. I know. I'm a loser. I got so close and gave up. Well, not so much gave up but more quit. Whatever. What really matters though it that I hit my goal! Yahoooo! More on this later (today...this week...just later).

'Member my chair? That little chair has led to some very BIG changes around this little ol' shack of ours. Cannot WAIT to blog about it!!! Complete with pictures. My whole decorating life has taken a total turn for the better in the last month thanks to some totally amazing chicks I found here on the ol' blogosphere. More on this later too!

And 'member my list??? Well, this little procrastinator-raider has been bizzzz-eeeee! Just WAIT 'til you hear how much I've gotten done. I'd love to say the list has gotten shorter but with each item/project I mark off another one seems to pop up in it's place! I'm out of control. No, really. I'm lacking total control in protecting myself (and my hubby) from the insane amount of ideas running around the noggin.

Soooo, this is all I have time for right now. Ballet class, a run to Home Depot, and a birthday party await us! But don't fret. I WILL be back!!!!

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