Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye, my dear friend.....

In just under 2 hours we'll be bidding adieu to our dear friend 2007. Unfortunately I will be doing it alone as my dear husband is out saving the world (read: salting and removing snow to make the streets safer. And by streets I mean, of course, the streets on Lincoln mall). So as I sit here, girls fast asleep, I am left to think about my friend 2007 and all it has brought to me. So it is with great gratitude that I present my "Best of 2007".

January - moving in to our brand new house. Thank you, 2007, for making a very big dream come true.

February - settling in to our new house and making it a home with friends and family.

March - Ana really beginning to talk. I'd been waiting 18 months for this and finally it's here!

April - my joining of Tiny Tots. One of the best things I could've ever done.

May - the birth of our beautiful baby Madelyn. Thank you, 2007, for giving us another miracle. She was and is perfect.

June - getting to witness the bond my two girls are developing. Unlike anything you can imagine.

July - our 5 year wedding anniversary. It came in the blink of an eye but feels like an entire lifetime. Thank you for granting me another year with this incredible man.

August - an awesome family getaway that was a long time coming. Thanks, 2007, for finally making it happen.

September - the anniversary of one of the greatest days in my life. Our Ana turns 2!

October - a successful start to AnaGrace Designs!

November - getting to spend Thanksgiving with the girls' Auntie Kiki

December - a month full of blessings. A Christmas to remember.

For all of this and everything in between - the friends made, the friendships deepened, relationships strengthened, family blessings, a husband sent from above, and two of the most perfect little girls ever created - I thank you, my friend. And I hope you put in a good word for us with your buddy 2008 :). Here's to you!

Happy New Year everyone!!!!

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