Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What's new with Maddie, you ask?

She's as chunky as ever and I LOVE it.

She claps.

She waves "Hi", but not "Bye" :).

She does yoga.  Let me explain....she still has yet to master the traditional crawl but far be it for that to stop her from getting around.  So in lieu of crawling she picks herself up onto her hands and tip toes (just like downward facing dog) and leaps forward.  Doesn't look like the most comfortable but it gets her around.

She sometimes gets upset if I walk away from her.  Just sometimes.

She laughs at her sister.

She thinks me and Daddy are the funniest people around.

She hugs.

She gives big, open-mouth, sloppy kisses (when she feels like it).

She stands when she's holding on to something.

She sits herself up, rolls herself over, army crawls, or leaps to get to where she wants to be.                                            

She grabs the spoon and attempts to feed herself at each meal.

She feeds herself Cheerios.

She dances.

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